Welcome To 12 Days of Christmas

What is better than an amazing sale in during the holiday season! Shop our gift card specials or book one of our 12 Days of Christmas Specials 🎅

All of these deals are valid the only on the day they are offered! DON'T MISS OUT!

All Facial Services are good for 6 Months after purchase

All Filler Purchases are good for 12 months after purchase

Day 1 12/1/23

$499 Lip Filler + Lip Flip

Want juicy kissable lips?! Start off the holiday season right with this amazing promotion

Normally $895 Now $499

ONLY ON 12/1/23

Purchase Valid for 12 months.

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Day 2 12/4/23

$199 Microneedling Facial Session + Dermalux LED

Enjoy vibrant skin with our Microneedling Facial Session plus enhance the treatment with a Dermalux LED Therapy session! Purchase Valid for 6 months so stock up!

Normally $475 Now $199

ONLY ON 12/4/23

Purchase Valid for 6 months

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Day 3 12/5/23

$99 IV Therapy

Feel invigorated with one of our IV Therapy treatments. We have 3 to choose from:

  • Beauty
  • Weightloss
  • Energy

Normally $249 Now $99

ONLY ON 12/5/23

Purchase Valid for 6 months.

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Day 4 12/6/23

$2499 Liquid Facelift with Threads

Rejuvenate your skin with a Liquid Facelift with PDO Threads. You will receive 3 syringes and 4 PDO Barbed Threads. This is a great way to refresh before the new year of 2024!

Normally $3125 Now $2499

ONLY ON 12/6/23

Purchase Valid for 12 months

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Day 5 12/7/23

$12 a unit Daxxify

Want a toxin that lasts up to 6 months? Daxxify is the one that can do it!

Normally $18 a unit Now $12

ONLY ON 12/7/23

Purchase Valid for 12 months.

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Day 6 12/8/23

20% Off Any Weightloss Pkg + 4pk of Lipo B Shots

Want to start off the New Year feeling better than this year? Purchase any weightloss package and get 20% off + a 4 pack of Lipo B Shots FREE! ($144 value)

ONLY ON 12/8/23

Purchase Valid for 6 months.

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Day 7 12/11/23

Buy 1 Filler Get 1 50% Off

Yes, that's right, Buy 1 Filler and Get 50% off your second filler! Choose any HA or CaHa filler available for Lips, Cheeks, Jawline, Nose, Neck, and more!

ONLY ON 12/11/23

Purchase Valid for 12 months.

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Day 8 12/12/23

50% Off All PDO Threads

Want to snatch your face? PDO Threads is a way to non-surgically give you a lift and tighten your skin.

Save 50% off any package up to a $1800 savings!

ONLY ON 12/12/23

Purchase Valid for 6 months.

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Day 9 12/13/23

$399 Ultherapy Brow Wow + 20 units of Xeomin

Want to create a lift in your eyes? Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to create a lift in the area treated. Plus we are adding 20 units of Xeomin to freeze those crows feet to give you that perfect eye!

Normally $890 Now $399

ONLY ON 12/13/23

Purchase Valid for 6 months.

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Day 10 12/14/23

20% Off All Skin Care or 30% off when you buy 3 or more

Don't miss out on stocking up on your skin care essentials! Save 20% off any skin care product or buy 3 or more and save 30% off!

ONLY ON 12/14/23

Offer Valid in Store and Online!

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Day 11 12/15/23

$349 Lip Boost

Want to boost your lip filler? A lip boost is what you need to refresh your lip filler! It is half of a syringe of filler.

Normally $499 Now $349

ONLY ON 12/15/23

Purchase Valid for 6 months

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Day 12 12/18/23

Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off Any Laser Treatment

Laser Hair Removal, Laser Resurfacing, BBL Treatments, Tixel and more! Buy 1 Get the Second 50% off!

ONLY ON 12/18/23

Purchase Valid for 6 months

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